Track Listing Edit

  1. Intro
  2. The Yaye Song
  3. These Accusations are Preposterous
  4. You're My Friend
  5. Hey, That's an Abomination
  6. Younger Sibling's Shadow
  7. The Molly Song
  8. I Did It All for You
  9. Minor Key Memories
  10. Go Outside and Play Today
  11. It Really Is Your Parents' Fault
  12. You Might Just Have a Problem
  13. Memories and Photographs
  14. Jesus Loves You
  15. The Sock Song
  16. Interview with the Pizza Kid (Interlude)
  17. If You Don't Hear This Song, I Hope You Hear This One Instead
  18. A Pig Named Gip
  19. Choose Your Destiny
  20. What's Your Favorite Word
  21. I Want to Curse Your Name
  22. Trash Men
  23. The Pineapple Song
  24. The Bass and Me
  25. My Eye
  26. If I Weren't a Taylor, I'd Want to Be a Feener
  27. What Is Chivalry to You? (Intro)
  28. Support Your Local Chivalry
  29. Let's Be Soulmates
  30. No More
  31. I Like You from Far Away (Feat. The Boot)
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