Blimey Cow Wikia

Track Listing[]

  1. Intro
  2. The Yaye Song
  3. These Accusations are Preposterous
  4. You're My Friend
  5. Hey, That's an Abomination
  6. Younger Sibling's Shadow
  7. The Molly Song
  8. I Did It All for You
  9. Minor Key Memories
  10. Go Outside and Play Today
  11. It Really Is Your Parents' Fault
  12. You Might Just Have a Problem
  13. Memories and Photographs
  14. Jesus Loves You
  15. The Sock Song
  16. Interview with the Pizza Kid (Interlude)
  17. If You Don't Hear This Song, I Hope You Hear This One Instead
  18. A Pig Named Gip
  19. Choose Your Destiny
  20. What's Your Favorite Word
  21. I Want to Curse Your Name
  22. Trash Men
  23. The Pineapple Song
  24. The Bass and Me
  25. My Eye
  26. If I Weren't a Taylor, I'd Want to Be a Feener
  27. What Is Chivalry to You? (Intro)
  28. Support Your Local Chivalry
  29. Let's Be Soulmates
  30. No More
  31. I Like You from Far Away (Feat. The Boot)
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