The show #AskJordan was launched in May 2015, after the longest running stretch of Jordan's Messyges ended. The first 13 episodes were posted to the Blimey Cow channel before Jordan decided to post them to his personal channel instead.

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

  1. NEW SHOW!
  2. Parkour Challenge
  3. One-Arm Push Ups
  4. Make a Horror Movie
  5. What Color Is the Dress?
  7. Write a Love Song
  8. One-Handed Cartwheel Challenge
  9. The Worst Thing I Ever Did
  10. What I Looked Like As a Child
  11. My Most Embarrassing Facebook Post
  12. My Biggest Phobia
  13. My Huge Announcement

Season 2 Edit

  1. Your Questions about My Upcoming Album ANSWERED
  2. Busy Schedule Bible Reading
  3. The Best Christian Pick Up Lines
  4. The Return of Messyges?
  5. My Album RELEASED!
  6. Shoe Shopping with Jordan
  7. "Help! I'm BANNED From Blimey Cow!"
  8. Jordan Reacts to YouTube Comments
  9. The SCARIEST Thing That Ever Happened to Me
  10. My Most Embarrassing Moment
  11. 7 Tips For High School
  13. Is Blimey Cow TOO Sarcastic?
  14. My Weirdest Real Life Encounter with a Fan (I never saw it coming...)
  15. Can People Fall in Love on the Internet??
  16. ON THE GO
  17. One question you've always wanted to ask me
  18. Answering your most embarrassing questions...馃槼
  19. Q&A with REAL LIVE Where's Waldo! (not clickbait)
  20. Questions you were scared to ask me... (but still did)
  21. THE BEST questions you could ask me
  22. DON'T WATCH THIS if you want to die young
  23. Did I think about quitting Blimey Cow?
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