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Logo used from April 2013-September 2013

Logo used from February 2012-April 2013

Blimey Cow is the main channel to which Blimey Cow videos are uploaded.



Public Uploads[]

  1. Blimey Cow: Piano Notes
  2. Blimey Cow: The Trees
  3. Blimey Cow: The Bass and Me
  4. Blimey Cow: Phone
  5. Blimey Cow: Lying
  6. Blimey Cow: The Coconut
  7. BBT Episode 1: The Walk
  8. Blimey Cow: Valentine's Day
  9. Blimey Cow: King Barry
  10. Blimey Cow: Delayed Vision
  11. Blimey Cow: New Neighbors
  12. Blimey Cow: Zack's Birthday
  13. Blimey Cow: April Fool's Day
  14. BBT Episode 2: College
  15. Blimey Cow: The Lumberjack
  16. Blimey Cow: Bullies
  17. Blimey Cow: Outlet
  18. Blimey Cow: The Mystery
  19. Blimey Cow: Bloopers 2
  20. Blimey Cow: The Con
  21. BBT Episode 3: The Comment
  22. Blimey Cow: Sould
  23. Jordan's Messyges: Dumbbells and Chick Flicks
  24. Blimey Cow: Jon the Miracle
  25. A Fun Day: When We Did Improv
  26. Jordan's Messyges: Florida and Fear
  27. Blimey Cow: Number Twenty Nine
  28. Blimey Cow: Dinner
  29. Blimey Cow: Bloopers 3
  30. Jordan's Messyges: Jordan's Hair
  31. BBT Episode 4: Jordan's Girlfriend
  32. Blimey Cow: Halloween
  33. Jordan's Messyges: Live Life, or Leave
  34. Blimey Cow: Dealing with Kyle
  35. Blimey Cow: Cardhouse
  36. Blimey Cow: The Jump
  37. Blimey Cow: The Hike
  38. Blimey Cow: The Conversion
  39. Blimey Cow: Voodoo Love
  40. Blimey Cow: Bloopers 4
  41. Blimey Cow: Everybody's Happy
  42. Blimey Cow: Adam Is Blind
  43. BBT Episode 5: The Boyfriend
  44. BBT Episode 6: God
  45. Jordan's Messyges: Stay in Touch with Your Relatives
  46. Blimey Cow: The Fans
  47. Jordan's Messyges: Don't Be a Typical Teenager
  48. Blimey Cow: The Lunatic
  49. Jordan's Messyges: Don't Mess with God's Chosen
  50. Blimey Cow: The Power
  51. Blimey Cow: The League
  52. Jordan's Messyges: Take Advantage of Text Messyging
  53. Blimey Cow: Bloopers 5
  54. Blimey Cow: Racism
  55. Jordan's Messyges: Listen to God's Chosen
  56. BBT Episode 7: Cool
  57. BBT Episode 8: College 2
  58. BBT Episode 9: Our Sister, My Brother
  59. BBT Episode 10: Thanksgiving's Weak End
  60. Jordan's Messyges: Celebrate Jesus Day
  61. BBT Episode 12: Exes, Woes, and Cats
  62. Jordan's Messyges: Don't Name Your Band Something Dumpy
  63. Blimey Cow: Stocks and Bonds
  64. Jordan's Messyges: Doesn't Make Videos in the Summer
  65. Everybody Hates Batman: Don't Wear Hockey Pants
  66. Jordan's Messyges: Don't Be an Indie Elitist
  67. Jordan's Messyges: Get to Know God
  68. Jordan's Messyges: Quit While You're Ahead
  69. Blimey Cow: Jordan's Words of Wisdom
  70. Jordan's Messyges: Keep Your Promises
  72. Blimey Cow: HEALTHY KID FREAK OUT 2
  73. Blimey Cow: Pudding Cookies
  74. Everybody Hates Batman: Batman vs. The Impostor
  75. Everybody Hates Batman: Don't Make "The Dark Knight Rises"
  76. Messy Mondays: New School Year
  77. Messy Mondays: Who Would Jesus Date?
  78. Messy Mondays: Lions and Zombies and Girls, Oh My!
  79. Messy Mondays: Facebook Changes Things!
  80. Messy Mondays: Stupid Cheater People
  81. Messy Mondays: Things I Wish I Could Forget
  82. Messy Mondays: What They Don't Teach You in College
  83. Everybody Hates Batman: Batman Vs. Halloween
  85. Messy Mondays: Why I Hate Going to the Movies
  86. Messy Mondays: The Three Types of Churches
  87. Messy Mondays: The Truth About Youth Group
  88. Blimey Cow: HEALTHY KID FREAK OUT 3
  89. Messy Mondays: The One About Missions Trips
  90. Messy Mondays: Ten Ways to Get Girls to Like You
  91. Messy Mondays: Stupid Stuff People Do on the Internet
  92. Everybody Hates Batman: Batman Is Real, Santa Is Fake
  93. Messy Mondays: Did You Get Everything You Wanted?
  94. Messy Mondays: "Like" vs. "Love"
  95. Messy Mondays: Proof That Jesus Loves Tim Tebow!
  96. Messy Mondays: Seven Lies About Homeschoolers
  97. Messy Mondays: Ten Ways to Get the Right Guy to Like You
  98. Messy Mondays: My Smart Phone Made Me Stupid
  99. Messy Mondays: Why "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 3D" Is a Bad Idea
  100. Messy Mondays: "Want" vs. "Need"
  101. Messy Mondays: I Love/Hate Valentine's Day
  102. Messy Mondays: The One about Sex
  103. Messy Mondays: The TV Tells Me How to Vote
  104. Messy Mondays: How to Be "More Than Friends" (In Four Easy Steps)
  105. Blimey Cow: Best Song Ever
  106. Messy Mondays: How to Be "Just Friends" (In Five Easy Steps)
  107. Messy Mondays: The Problem with Christian Bands
  108. Messy Mondays: You Are Not an Activist
  109. Messy Mondays: Books vs. Movies
  110. Messy Mondays: You Might Be a Homeschooler If...
  111. Messy Mondays: Seven Tips for Successful Dating
  112. Messy Mondays: "Making Time" for God
  113. Messy Mondays: Oh No, I'm Single! I'm Going to Die!
  114. Messy Mondays: Stupid Drivers
  115. Messy Mondays: The Top Ten Internet Clichés
  116. Messy Mondays: My Spiritual High Is Higher than Yours
  117. Messy Mondays: #YOLO? Well, #YODO too, buddy.
  118. Messy Mondays: Why I Hate Going to the Doctor
  119. Jordan's Messyges: Recycling Terrible Ideas
  120. Messy Mondays: The Opposite of Love
  121. Blimey Cow: HEALTHY KID FREAK OUT 4
  122. Messy Mondays: Ten Ways to Get Ready for Church Camp
  123. Jordan's Messyges: Thinking about the Future
  124. Messy Mondays: Dating Jesus
  125. Messy Mondays: REPOST IF YOU LOVE JESUS
  126. Messy Mondays: Seven Things that Won't Be Cool in 20 Years
  127. ANNOUNCEMENT: Enter Our 72 Hour Film Festival!
  128. Messy Mondays: Never Think Outside the Box
  129. Jordan's Messyges: Cheating on Three Girlfriends
  130. Messy Mondays: Christians Never Mess Up, Ever.
  131. Jordan's Messyges: Questions That Are Not About Relationships
  132. Messy Mondays: You Might Be a Homeschooler If... 2
  133. ANNOUNCEMENT: The Film Fest Top 10!
  134. Messy Mondays: Stupid Internet Debates
  135. Everybody Hates Batman: The Rise & Fall of The Dark Knight
  136. Messy Mondays: Seven Problems with Modern Music
  137. Jordan's Messyges: New Host?!
  138. Messy Mondays: Death to Bored!
  139. Blimey Cow: A Day in the Life of Jordan
  140. Messy Mondays: Playing the God Card
  141. Jordan Michael Taylor - "Beginning"
  142. Messy Mondays: Five Reasons College Might Be a Waste of Your Time
  143. Messy Mondays: Thank You. (Special 1-Year Anniversary Episode)
  144. Messy Mondays: Laughing at a Hilarious Joke (You)
  145. Messy Mondays: Mindless Consumers
  146. Messy Mondays: Five Ways to Support Your Local Chivalry
  147. Messy Mondays: What Life Was Like Before the Internet
  148. Messy Mondays: Everyone Else Is as Stupid as You
  149. Messy Mondays: 25 Things You Say When You Don't Know What to Say
  150. Messy Mondays: The One About "Bad Words"
  151. Messy Mondays: 20 Words That Are Misused & Abused
  152. Messy Mondays: Dear Disney, Please Don't Ruin Star Wars. (SPECIAL WEDNESDAY EDITION)
  153. Messy Mondays: I Pledge Blind Allegiance
  154. Messy Mondays: How to Make the Perfect Christmas List
  155. Messy Mondays: WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE.
  156. Messy Mondays: Jordan's Declassified Finals Survival Guide
  157. Messy Mondays: Spelling Tips for the Internet
  158. Messy Mondays: How Do You Know If You're in Love?
  159. Messy Mondays: I Want 100% Likability, Please.
  160. Messy Mondays: Four People I Feel Sorry for During Christmas
  161. Messy Mondays: MORE Spelling Tips for the Internet
  162. Messy Mondays: 15 Ways Movies Think You Are Stupid
  163. Messy Mondays: I'm Doing It Wrong.
  164. Messy Mondays: You Might Be a Homeschooler If... 3
  165. Messy Mondays: 35 Activities that Don't Involve Staring at a Screen
  166. Messy Mondays: How to Write a Worship Song (In 5 Minutes or Less)
  167. Messy Mondays: Attack of the "Friend Zone"
  168. Messy Mondays: "A Worship Song Written in 5 Minutes" FULL VERSION!
  169. Jordan's Messyges: Kelli's Birthday
  170. Messy Mondays: PDA - Public Displays for Attention
  171. Jordan's Messyges: Tour Favorite
  172. Messy Mondays: Ten Tips for a Happy Marriage
  173. Jordan's Messyges: Teen Girl Troubled With Boy Problems
  174. Messy Mondays: This is MY Show.
  175. Jordan's Messyges: Better Person vs. Scientist
  176. Messy Mondays: The TV Tells Me How to Feel
  177. Jordan's Messyges: Hope for Humanity
  178. Messy Mondays: How Physical is Too Physical?
  179. Jordan's Messyges: I Love My Brother.
  180. Messy Mondays: The Top 15 Christian Clichés
  181. Jordan's Messyges: Disney Princesses & Embarrassing Moments
  182. Messy Mondays: I'm Offended by "Being Offended"
  183. Jordan's Messyges: Ring by Spring?
  184. Messy Mondays: Ten Ways Your Relationship Is Annoying Your Friends
  185. Messy Mondays: Ten Things You Should Never Say to a Girl
  186. Messy Mondays: Seven Reasons I'm Afraid to Go Outside
  187. Messy Mondays: Why I Hate Going to Graduations
  188. Messy Mondays: Ten Things You Should Never Say to a Guy
  189. Messy Mondays: The Homeschooler's Guide to College
  190. Messy Mondays: How to Tell Someone You Are NOT Interested
  191. Messy Mondays: I Like You In Real Life (But Not on the Internet)
  192. Messy Mondays: Seven Lies You Believe About Yourself
  193. Messy Mondays: What Jesus Should Have Said, Instead.
  194. Messy Mondays: Why I Hate Being the Third Wheel
  195. What's Update: Summer of Blimey Cow Begins
  196. Jordan's Messyges: My Top 5 Favorite Bands
  197. Messy Mondays: Seven Things Everybody Needs to Be Told
  198. What's Update: Be In the 100th Episode of Messy Mondays
  199. Jordan's Messyges: The Double Whammy!
  200. Messy Mondays: The Pursuit of Happiness (Is a Lie)
  201. What's Update: The Blimey Cow Audio Podcast
  202. Jordan's Messyges: Shy Guys vs. Not Interested
  203. Messy Mondays: Five Reasons I Don't Care About Poor People
  204. Announcement: "The Blimey Cow Audio Podcast" is TOP TEN on iTunes!!!!
  205. What's Update: "The Blimey Cow Audio Podcast" #1 on iTunes
  206. Jordan's Messyges: My Favorite Movie
  207. Announcement: Celebrating 100 Episodes of Messy Mondays!
  208. Messy Mondays: Five Reasons I Hate Blimey Cow (Special 100th Episode)
  209. What's Update: Weekly Blimey Cow Google Hangout
  210. Jordan's Messyges: Farmer's Tan Insecurities
  211. Messy Mondays: Seven Ways to Make a Girl's Day
  212. What's Update: MEME CONTEST
  213. Jordan's Messyges: THE LAST MESSYGE?!
  214. Messy Mondays: Seven Ways to Make a Guy's Day
  215. What's Update: Meme Contest Winner, Update on Dad, and More
  217. Messy Mondays: Ten Things I Love More than God
  218. What's Update: The End of Summer of Blimey Cow
  219. Jordan's Songs: Separation is Natural
  220. Messy Mondays: Five Tips for Starting a Youtube Channel (Special 2-Year Anniversary Episode)
  221. Messy Mondays: Ten Stupid Things People Actually Do
  222. Messy Mondays: How to Be a Gentleman
  223. Messy Mondays: An Open Letter to Bullies
  224. Messy Mondays: (Tough) Love Your Enemies
  225. Messy Mondays: All I Want Out of Life Is More
  226. Jordan's Songs: Arcane
  227. Messy Mondays: Seven Ways to Turn Your Day Around
  228. Messy Mondays: Five Problems with Modern Video Games
  229. Messy Mondays: How to Talk Like a Christian
  230. Messy Mondays: Five Ways I Waste My Life
  231. Messy Mondays: Let's Talk About Youtube Comments.
  232. Jordan's Messyges: Responding to the Haters!!!
  233. Messy Mondays: Making Mistakes Makes You An Idiot
  234. Jordan's Messyges: Cheaters- Homeschool Edition!
  235. Messy Mondays: If I Don't Post about It Online, Did It Really Happen?
  236. Messy Mondays: Why I Hate Watching the News
  237. Messy Mondays: Seven More Lies About Homeschoolers
  238. Messy Mondays: When Should You Start Dating?
  239. Messy Mondays: Five Things I Really Need to Stop Doing
  240. Jordan's Messyges: Go Talk to the Principal
  241. Messy Mondays: I Don't Want Anything for Christmas
  242. Messy Mondays: I'm a Failure Because I'm Afraid of Failing Because I'm a Failure Because I'm Afraid of Failing...
  243. Messy Mondays: The One About Big Head Kid
  244. Messy Mondays: I Don't Deserve to Be Happy.
  245. Jordan's Messyges: None of Your Friends Have a Clue
  246. Messy Mondays: Ten Annoying Things Parents Do on Facebook
  247. Messy Mondays: Why I Hate Going to the Dentist
  248. Messy Mondays: Love the Sin, Hate the Sinner
  249. Messy Mondays: Seven Ways to Beat Writer's Block
  250. Messy Mondays: Seven Lies That Hollywood Told Me
  251. Jordan's Messyges: Coca-Cola "Controversy"!
  252. Messy Mondays: Five Great Reasons to Be Single
  253. Messy Mondays: Why Do I Care What People Think about Me?
  254. Messy Mondays: Five Truths Everyone Needs to Hear
  255. Messy Mondays: Ten Things I Hate about Link Bait (You Won't Believe #3!)
  256. Jordan's Messyges: I Like "Like Like" My Best Friend's Twin Brother
  257. Messy Mondays: Eight Awkward Situations (and How to Deal with Them)
  258. Messy Mondays: Ten Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Posting Something Online
  259. Messy Mondays: I Hate Judgmental People.
  260. Messy Mondays: How Not to Be a Terrible Person When You Go Out to Eat
  261. Jordan's Messyges: I'm Sorry I Never Answer Your Questions
  262. Messy Mondays: Why Do We Have Knee-Jerk Reactions?
  263. Messy Mondays: How to Tell If a Guy Likes You
  264. Messy Mondays: How to Tell If a Girl Likes You
  265. Messy Mondays: Four Myths that Students Believe about College
  266. Jordan's Messyges: The Worst Advice Ever
  267. Messy Mondays: Seven Reasons Why Being a Teenager Is the Worst
  268. Jordan's Messyges: [[Big Head Kid
  269. Messy Mondays: In (Everything But) God We Trust
  270. Jordan's Messyges: What Does ;( Mean?
  271. Messy Mondays: Five Questions to Ask Yourself Every Day
  272. Jordan's Messyges: Debating Cheese & Sleep Deprivation
  273. Messy Mondays: Seven Annoying Things Your Friends Do
  274. Jordan's Messyges: A New Expletive
  275. Messy Mondays: Five Things Guys Need to Stop Doing to Girls
  276. Big Head Kid: BYE BYE, BLIMEY COW
  277. Jordan's Messyges: Madly in Like with Someone I've Never Met
  278. Messy Mondays: The Violent Reaction to Violence
  279. Jordan's Messyges: A Very Disturbing Story about a Turtle
  280. Messy Mondays: Seven Things Being a YouTuber Has Taught Me
  281. Jordan's Messyges: How Do I Hug a Boy?
  282. Messy Mondays: Don't Think for Yourself, Ever.
  283. It's Josh's Birthday!
  284. Jordan's Messyges: I Have a Crush on My Best Friend's Older Brother
  285. Messy Mondays: You Might Be a Homeschooler If... 4
  286. Jordan's Messyges: My Favorite Youtuber
  287. Messy Mondays: Everyone Is Entitled to My Opinion
  288. Jordan's Messyges: I Want My Ex-Girlfriend Back
  289. Messy Mondays: The Ten Most Awkward Hugs
  290. Jordan's Messyges: The Scariest Thing I've Ever Done
  291. Messy Mondays: The Top 15 Youth Group Clichés
  292. Jordan's Messyges: #ThankGodForMessyges
  293. Messy Mondays: How to Get a Girlfriend
  294. Jordan's Messyges: My Biggest Pet Peeve
  295. Messy Mondays: How to Get a Boyfriend
  296. Jordan's Messyges: I Actually Answer the Questions
  297. Messy Mondays: Six Awkward Situations for Shy People
  298. Jordan's Messyges: Prank Calling Kelli
  299. Messy Mondays: The World Is Messed Up (And I'm Freaking Out)
  300. Jordan's Messyges: The Funniest Episode Ever
  301. Messy Mondays: Seven Things That Happen When Something Goes Viral
  302. Jordan's Messyges: Am I Going to Become a Farmer?!
  303. Messy Mondays: Why I Hate Hashtag Activism
  304. Jordan's Messyges: Why Are Guys Mean to Girls They Like?!
  305. Messy Mondays: The Ten Commandments of Social Media
  306. Jordan's Messyges: Sending a Boy Mixed Signals
  307. Messy Mondays: Four Reasons Worry Is My Best Friend
  308. Jordan's Messyges: Have I Ever Told a Girl I Like Her?
  309. Messy Mondays: Six Things Hollywood Gets Wrong about Real Life
  310. Jordan's Messyges: How Do You Tell a Girl You Like Her without Looking Stupid?
  311. Messy Mondays: You Might Be a Homeschooler If... 5
  312. Jordan's Messyges: Three Things You Need For a Good Relationship
  313. Messy Mondays: The Fandom Menace (Or: Why I Hate Fandoms)
  314. Jordan's Messyges: My Ex-Boyfriend Is Proposing to Someone Else
  315. Messy Mondays: How to Not Creep Out Girls
  316. Jordan's Messyges: Why Don't Guys Like Me?
  317. Messy Mondays: Why I'll Never Be Happy
  318. Jordan's Messyges: Sadie Hawkins Dance Advice
  319. Messy Mondays: Four Relationship Clichés (That Are Just Wrong)
  320. Jordan's Messyges: I'm Taller than the Guy I Like
  321. Messy Mondays: Putting the Word "Christian" in Front of Something Doesn't Make It Christian
  322. Jordan's Messyges: When Should I Start Telling People that I Have a Boyfriend?
  323. Messy Mondays: Ten Kids You Meet at Every Youth Group
  324. Jordan's Messyges: My Sister & Her Boyfriend Show Too Much PDA
  325. Messy Mondays: Why I (Kind of) Hate Black Friday
  326. Jordan's Messyges: Unfollowing Someone on Instagram
  327. Messy Mondays: How to Be Thankful (In Just One Easy Step)
  328. Jordan's Messyges: I Like My Sister's Boyfriend's Brother
  329. Messy Mondays: Five Ways to Shut Down a Healthy Debate
  330. Jordan's Messyges: My Ex-Boyfriend is Ignoring Me
  331. Announcement: We Have a Secret...
  332. Messy Mondays: How to Be God's Favorite
  333. BLIMEY COW TOONS: Big Head Kid & the Alien
  334. Jordan's Messyges: I'm a Homeschooler in Love with a Public Schooler
  335. Messy Mondays: Facebook Video vs YouTube: Which Is Better?
  336. Jordan's Messyges: My Best Friend's Crush Likes Me
  337. Messy Mondays: Five Things Girls Should Stop Doing to Guys
  338. Jordan's Messyges: Asking a Girl to Hang Out without it Looking Like Date
  339. BLIMEY COW TOONS: The Christmas Feeling
  340. Jordan's Messyges: Are You a Doctor Who Fan?
  341. Messy Mondays: Fifteen Stupid Reasons to Break Up
  342. Jordan's Messyges: My Friend Told My Crush that I Like Him
  343. Messy Mondays: Seven Signs that You Should Probably Break Up
  344. Jordan's Messyges: Is He Hinting that He Likes Me?
  345. Messy Mondays: The Five Stages of Hating Your Job
  346. Jordan's Messyges: I Haven't Had My First Kiss
  347. Messy Mondays: Five Problems with the Video Game Industry
  348. Jordan's Messyges: My Best Friend's Boyfriend HATES ME
  349. Messy Mondays: Why You Should Never Try New Things
  350. #AskJordan: NEW SHOW!
  351. Messy Mondays: Four Things Introverts Think (But Never Say)
  352. #AskJordan: Parkour Challenge
  353. Messy Mondays: Three Things We're All Sick of Hearing About (February 2015)
  354. #AskJordan: One-Arm Push Ups
  355. Messy Mondays: Five Tips for Healthy Dating
  356. #AskJordan: Make a Horror Movie
  357. Messy Mondays: I Don't Want to Be Famous
  358. #AskJordan: What Color Is the Dress?
  359. Messy Mondays: How to Talk on the Phone (Without Sounding Like an Idiot)
  360. #AskJordan: THE WORM CHALLENGE
  361. Messy Mondays: Seven Things I Wish I Knew When I Was a Teenager
  362. #AskJordan: Write a Love Song
  363. Messy Mondays: How to Fix All of Your Problems, Guaranteed!
  364. #AskJordan: One-Handed Cartwheel Challenge
  365. Messy Mondays: Should Guys Open Doors for Girls?
  366. #AskJordan: The Worst Thing I Ever Did
  367. Messy Mondays: The 24 Hour Internet Outrage Cycle
  368. #AskJordan: What I Looked Like As a Child
  369. Messy Mondays: Seven Annoying Phrases That Have NO Meaning
  370. #AskJordan: My Most Embarrassing Facebook Post
  371. Messy Mondays: Stop Saying "There Should Be a Law"
  372. #AskJordan: My Biggest Phobia
  373. Messy Mondays: 25 Signs You Listened to Christian Music Growing Up
  374. #AskJordan: My Huge Announcement
  375. Messy Mondays: Why I Like Twitter Better than Facebook
  376. Announcement: In Case You Forgot about the New Channel...
  377. Messy Mondays: The Shy Person's Guide to Talking to New People
  378. Messy Mondays: How to Compliment Girls without Sounding Creepy
  379. Messy Mondays: How to Compliment a Guy without Sounding Flirty
  380. Messy Mondays: How to Get Millennials Back in Church
  381. Messy Mondays: The Ten Types of Homeschoolers
  382. Messy Mondays: The Truth about Church Camp
  383. SONG PREMIERE: Jordan Taylor "Need Each Other"
  384. Messy Mondays: How to Tell People about Jesus
  385. Jordan's Messyges: Girl Bullies Boy? CALL THE COPS!
  386. Messy Mondays: How to Make Something Go Viral
  387. Announcement: JORDAN'S ALBUM IS HERE!
  388. Messy Mondays: Seven Things You Might Not Know about Blimey Cow
  389. Messy Mondays: I Don't Want to Love My Neighbor
  390. Messy Mondays: Five Awkward Things in the Bible
  391. Messy Mondays: Why Do Christians Freak Out About Everything?
  392. Messy Mondays: Ten Questions Retail Workers Get Tired of Hearing
  393. Messy Mondays: How to Tell If a YouTuber is SELLING OUT!
  394. Jordan's Messyges: I Have a Crush on My Older Sister's Friend
  395. Messy Mondays: Should People Label Themselves?
  396. Messy Mondays: The World Doesn't Exist to Not Offend You
  397. Messy Mondays: How to Get Out of a Boring Conversation
  398. Messy Mondays: Don't Bring God into This!
  399. Messy Mondays: How to Get Out of the Friend Zone
  400. Messy Mondays: What Is the WORST Bad Word?
  401. Messy Mondays: Awkward Christian Phrases
  402. Messy Mondays: Why I Hate Going to the Eye Doctor
  403. Jordan's Messyges: Awkward Situation with Brother's Girlfriend
  404. Messy Mondays: If You Want to Support a Cause, Actually DO Something.
  405. What Happened in Brother Brother Time Season 1
  406. Messy Mondays: The Pros and Cons of Fall
  407. BBT S2: Nothing Has Changed
  408. Messy Mondays: How to Get Your Youth Group Crush to Like You
  409. BBT S2: Jordan's Online Girlfriend
  410. Messy Mondays: The Ten Most Passive Aggressive Phrases
  411. BBT S2: Jordan's Unspoken Prayer Request
  412. Messy Mondays: Ten Ways to Be a Terrible Boyfriend
  413. BBT S2: Josh's Broken Heart
  414. Messy Mondays: Seven Annoying People You See at the Movies
  415. BBT S2: Everything Has Changed
  416. Messy Mondays: What Jesus Was Like as a Teenager
  417. Messy Mondays: Happy Guiltsgiving: Feel Guilty for Your Blessings!
  418. Messy Mondays: Let's Take the "Christ" Out of "Christian!"
  419. Jordan's Messyges: I Have a Crush on 15 Girls from CHURCH CAMP
  420. Messy Mondays: Seven Annoying Questions Homeschoolers Get Asked
  421. Messy Mondays: When People Ask Why You're Single (Special Thursday Edition)
  422. Messy Mondays: Saying "Happy Holidays" Is a Micro-Persecution
  423. Messy Mondays: We Were Wrong about Christmas (An Apology from Blimey Cow)
  424. Messy Mondays: Don't Forget to Enjoy Your Life
  425. Messy Mondays: I'll Just Leave This Here... (& Other Dumb Things People Say Online)
  426. Messy Mondays: Let Me Tell You How to Think (for Yourself)
  427. Jordan's Messyges: A Girl is Saying Nasty Things About Me to My Crush
  428. Messy Mondays: Six Signs You Need New Friends
  429. Messy Mondays: Seven Ways to Show Girls Respect
  430. Jordan's Messyges: My Introverted Crush Won't Talk to Me
  431. Messy Mondays: The Top Ten Movie Clichés
  432. Jordan's Messyges: I ACCIDENTALLY Told a Boy I Don't Like That I Like Him
  433. Messy Mondays: Five Words that Describe People Who Disagree with Me
  434. Messy Mondays: The Top 30 Christian Pick-Up Lines
  435. Messy Mondays: Christian Dating Secrets REVEALED!
  436. Messy Mondays: Why Our Phones Disconnect Us
  437. Messy Mondays: How to Avoid Politics on Facebook
  438. Messy Mondays: How to Get Right with God
  439. Messy Mondays: You Might Be a Homeschooler If... 6
  440. Jordan's Messyges: Held My Hand...Then FRIEND ZONED ME?
  441. Messy Mondays: Our Lord and Savior, The President
  442. Messy Mondays: How to Become Friends with a Girl
  443. Jordan's Messyges: Breaks Up With Girlfriend...IMMEDIATELY SNAPCHATS ME?
  444. Messy Mondays: I'm Proud to Pay My Taxes!
  445. Messy Mondays: Never Question Your Beliefs!
  446. Messy Mondays: Five Things to Avoid During Finals
  447. Messy Mondays: The Top 30 Signs You Were a Christian Kid
  448. Messy Mondays: Hey Adults, Who Raised All These Entitled Millennials?
  449. Messy Mondays: How to Become Friends with a Guy
  450. Messy Mondays: The Ten Types of Youth Pastors
  451. Messy Mondays: An Apology to Our Audience (Special 250th Episode)
  452. Jordan's Messyges: JUST met. crushing HARD. Should I add him on Facebook?
  453. Messy Mondays: Annoying Questions Graduates Get Asked
  454. Messy Mondays: How to Decide Who to Vote For
  455. Messy Mondays: The Homeschooler's Guide to Dating
  456. Jordan's Messyges: The Most SERIOUS Messyge I've Ever Received
  457. Messy Mondays: Horrible Ways to Tell People about Jesus
  458. Messy Mondays: Why You Can't Have Free Things
  459. Messy Mondays: How to Be a REAL Man!
  460. Messy Mondays: Comments You See in EVERY YouTube Comment Section
  461. Messy Mondays: Our Brains Weren't Designed for This Much Bad News
  462. Messy Mondays: The Problem with Celebrity Worship
  463. Messy Mondays: The Twelve Types of Homeschool Moms
  464. Messy Mondays: SOCIAL MEDIA ROAST 2016
  465. Messy Mondays: Why We Can't Talk About Religion & Politics
  466. Jordan's Messyges: My STUPID SISTER Sabatoged Me...
  467. Messy Mondays: How to Get Popular on YouTube (Special 5-Year Anniversary Episode)
  468. Messy Mondays: Five Things Introverts Are Secretly Paranoid About
  469. Messy Mondays: Why Your Crush Doesn't Like You
  470. Messy Mondays: How to Look Like a PERFECT Christian!
  471. Messy Mondays: You Might Be a Homeschooler If... 7 (Special Thursday Edition)
  472. Messy Mondays: I'm Triggered by People Disagreeing with Me
  473. Messy Mondays: The Most Annoying Thing People Do on Social Media
  475. Messy Mondays: Seven Things You Should NOT Do at Youth Group
  476. Jordan's Messyges: My Youth Leader Has a Crush on Me!!
  477. Messy Mondays: How to Get to Know Your Crush (Without Being Awkward)
  478. Messy Mondays: 25 More Christian Pick-Up Lines
  479. Messy Mondays: I've Never Been More Scared in My Life...
  480. Messy Mondays: I'm Not a Nice Person...
  481. Messy Mondays: Seven Things You Should NEVER Say to Your Girlfriend
  482. Messy Mondays: Seven Things You Should NEVER Say to Your Boyfriend (Special Thursday Edition)
  483. Messy Mondays: You Might Be a Homeschooler If... 8
  484. Messy Mondays: Five Terrible Ways to Break Up
  485. Messy Mondays: How to Deal with Annoying Family During the Holidays
  486. Jordan's Messyges: sooo…I don't ACTUALLY like my bf, BUT…
  487. Messy Mondays: I Hate You, 2016.
  488. Messy Mondays: Extroverts Are People, Too.
  489. Messy Mondays: I Need a Change...
  490. Messy Mondays: When Your First Date Goes Horribly Wrong
  491. Messy Mondays: I Don't Know What to Believe Anymore...
  492. Messy Mondays: HAHA SHARE IF YOU AGREE!
  493. Messy Mondays: How to Survive a Breakup
  494. Messy Mondays: Five Easy Ways to Make Someone's Day
  495. Messy Mondays: It's Okay to Be Single
  496. Messy Mondays: The Media Are Liars (In Defense of PewDiePie)
  497. Messy Mondays: Three Things You Can Do TODAY to Stop Laziness
  498. Messy Mondays: How to Propose to Your Girlfriend
  499. Jordan's Messyges: If I answer wrong, he becomes an atheist...
  501. Messy Mondays: When Good Christian Kids Go BAD!
  502. Messy Mondays: Homeschool vs. "Regular School"
  503. Messy Mondays: I'm Suddenly Terrified of Government Power!
  504. Messy Mondays: Is YouTube Censoring Us?
  505. Messy Mondays: The One that Offends Social Justice Warriors AND Christians
  506. Messy Mondays: Why Social Media Is So Depressing Right Now
  507. Messy Mondays: Why we make this show. (Special 300th Episode)
  508. Messy Mondays: You Might Be a Homeschooler If... 9
  509. Messy Mondays: Five Confusing Things Girls Do (EXPLAINED)
  511. Jordan and Sara's Wedding
  512. Messy Mondays: When Two of Your Friends Start Dating
  513. Messy Mondays: Five Confusing Things Guys Do (EXPLAINED)
  514. Messy Mondays: The Introvert's Guide to Dating
  515. Jordan's Messyges: Grandma stole my password & blocked ALL HOMESCHOOLERS
  516. Messy Mondays: How to Not Scare Away Your Crush (on Social Media)
  517. Messy Mondays: Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Die
  518. Messy Mondays: What We Learned from the Roller Coaster Incident
  519. Messy Mondays: Why Your Future Kids Will Not Respect You
  520. Messy Mondays: Seven Annoying Questions Homeschool Moms Get Asked
  521. Messy Mondays: People Who Say "Why Can't We All Just Get Along?" Are Annoying
  522. Messy Mondays: The Secret to a Happy Life
  523. Messy Mondays: "In Like" vs. "In Love"
  524. Messy Mondays: No, you are not "adulting."
  525. Messy Mondays: The Sad Truth about School
  526. Messy Mondays: Please watch this video.
  527. Messy Mondays: Seven Types of TERRIBLE BOSSES (Bonus Friday episode)
  528. Messy Mondays: The Story of the Christian Girl
  529. Messy Mondays: Why is "Right vs. Wrong" so confusing sometimes?
  530. Messy Mondays: All My Friends Are Getting Married... Except Me
  531. Messy Mondays: How to Get a Job (100% Guaranteed)
  532. Messy Mondays: In Defense of "Thoughts & Prayers"
  534. Messy Mondays: When Homeschoolers Grow Up
  535. Messy Mondays: You Are What You Hate
  536. Messy Mondays: How to Write a Country Song (In 5 Minutes or Less)
  537. Messy Mondays: Only watch if you are a true fan.
  538. Messy Mondays: Politics Killed the Holidays
  539. Messy Mondays: Christmas Romance: Four Things You Should NOT Do
  540. Sketch: The Birthday GIFt
  541. Messy Mondays: The Top 5 Christian Clichés (CHRISTMAS EDITION)
  542. Messy Mondays: Why We Don't Swear in Our Videos
  543. Messy Mondays: How to Talk to People You Disagree With
  544. Messy Mondays: SPOILER WARNING: Don't Be "That Guy"
  545. Messy Mondays: Why You Fail at Your Goals
  546. Messy Mondays: The bravest video we have ever made.
  547. Messy Mondays: Seven Awkward Situations for Introverts
  548. Messy Mondays: The Problem with "Internet Friends"
  549. Messy Mondays: How to Respect Women (in 2018)
  550. Messy Mondays: How to Be Great at Small Talk
  551. Messy Mondays: Watch this if you want tomorrow to be better.
  552. Jordan's Messyges: My BFF's boyfriend professed his love… FOR ME
  553. Messy Mondays: You can't stop bad things from happening.
  554. Messy Mondays: Three Ways YOU Can Make the World a Better Place
  555. Messy Mondays: The Truth vs. "My Truth"
  556. Messy Mondays: ONLY Homeschoolers Will Understand These Words & Phrases
  557. Messy Mondays: Five Ways to Make Yourself More Attractive
  558. Messy Mondays: Things People Say to Sound Smart (When They Aren't)
  559. Jordan's Messyges: I made a FAKE ONLINE IDENTITY so she'd like me… should I tell?
  560. Messy Mondays: The Top 8 Reasons Facebook Is Terrible
  561. Messy Mondays: Dating Is Awkward When You Are Homeschooled
  562. Jordan's Messyges: I'm 15 and in love with a GROWN MAN...
  563. Messy Mondays: Seven Ways Hollywood Is Painfully Out of Touch
  564. Messy Mondays: Liberal Christianity vs. Conservative Christianity
  565. Messy Mondays: How to Be the EDGIEST Kid You Know
  566. Messy Mondays: I'm afraid you will be disappointed in me.
  567. Jordan's Messyges: I'm a NEW ATHEIST. Will my parents still love me?
  568. Messy Mondays: How to Tell If the Girl You Like Doesn't Like You Back
  569. Messy Mondays: What Would Jesus Do (in 2018)?!
  570. Jordan's Messyges: My family found out about the bad stuff I do online...
  571. Messy Mondays: "Why not just guarantee everyone a job?"
  572. Messy Mondays: Your unpopular opinion doesn't make you special 🙃
  573. Jordan's Messyges: I’m kissing MY COUSIN and don’t know how to tell my parents…
  574. Messy Mondays: You Might NOT Be a Homeschooler If...
  575. Messy Mondays: The Ten Most Annoying People on Twitter
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  578. Messy Mondays: ONLY Sheltered Kids Will Understand...
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  580. Messy Mondays: How to Get an Introvert to Fall in Love with You
  581. Messy Mondays: Seven "Friends" You Should Break Up With
  582. Messy Mondays: Didn't we already know Hollywood was terrible?
  583. Messy Mondays: Six Things that Are NOT as Edgy as You Think
  584. Jordan's Messyges: The most inappropriate Messyges of all time?…
  585. We never dreamed it would get this big... (Blimey Con 2018)
  586. Jordan's Messyges: I cheated on my boyfriend in a VR chatroom…
  587. Messy Mondays: Five People Who Should Be BANNED from the Internet
  588. Jordan's Messyges: MY MOM wants me to be MORE PHYSICAL with my boyfriend…
  589. Messy Mondays: How SHELTERED Were You?! (Take Our Quiz!)
  590. Why We Never Deleted Our Old Videos
  591. Jordan's Messyges: My boyfriend doesn't know I already booked our wedding...
  592. Messy Mondays: How to Respond to Homeschool HATERS
  593. Jordan's Messyges: My 90yr old GRANDMA is forcing me to watch DIRTY TV...
  594. Messy Mondays: Making friends is hard when you're an adult
  595. Jordan's Messyges: I posted the HOTTEST Instagram pic, then my brother did this...
  596. Messy Mondays: Things Former Homeschoolers Say
  597. Messy Mondays: The Secret Reason We're Addicted to Social Media
  598. Messy Mondays: DO NOT TOUCH WOMEN
  599. Jordan's Messyges: I didn't know my dad was married…for 2 months
  600. Messy Mondays: Seven Things Happy People Do Every Day
  601. Messy Mondays: Stop begging me to vote, celebrities.
  602. Jordan's Messyges: We had no physical contact before marriage…
  603. Messy Mondays: How to Deal with a Needy Friend
  604. Jordan's Messyges: My Husband’s Best Friend is in love with me... (for real)
  605. Messy Mondays: How to DESTROY Anyone in a Debate
  606. Messy Mondays: The Secret to Finding "THE ONE"
  607. Messy Mondays: The Truth about Entitled Millennials
  608. Messy Mondays: Seven Annoying People You Meet EVERY Christmas
  609. Jordan's Messyges: My youth pastor is too physical with me… help.
  610. Messy Mondays: How to Get a $5 Blimey Cow Shirt!
  611. Jordan's Messyges: He asked me to take a FERTILITY TEST… on the 2nd date
  612. Messy Mondays: You Might Be a Homeschooler If... (2018)
  613. Messy Mondays: Why YouTube Doesn't Get It.
  614. Jordan's Messyges: My friend FAKED being drunk... I showed HER MOM the texts
  615. Messy Mondays: Why New Year's Resolutions are actually BAD for you
  616. Messy Mondays: Why They Hate Memes.
  617. Jordan's Messyges: My EX obsessively calls in the night wanting me to...
  618. Telling my brother we're having a BABY!
  619. Messy Mondays: How to Ruin Your Chances at a Healthy Relationship
  620. Jordan's Messyges: I used GPS to spy on my Best Friend. She's with my EX…
  621. Messy Mondays: 30 Things EVERY Nintendo Switch Owner Says...
  622. Messy Mondays: Where Do Bad People Go When They Die?
  623. Jordan's Messyges: I said "I love you"… TOO SOON

Unlisted Videos (work in progress)[]

  1. The Boot
  2. "We're The Boot" by The Boot (Music Video)
  3. Blimey Cow: The New Sheriff
  4. Jordan's Messyges: Toes, Girlfriends, Bands
  5. BBT Episode 11: A Christmas Wish
  6. DELETED SCENE: You Are Not an Activist
  7. MESSY MISTAKES: Books vs. Movies
  8. MESSY MISTAKES: You Might Be a Homeschooler If...
  9. MESSY MISTAKES: "Making Time" for God
  10. DELETED SCENE: "Making Time" for God
  11. MESSY MISTAKES: Oh No, I'm Single! I'm Going to Die!
  12. MESSY MISTAKES: Stupid Drivers
  13. MESSY MISTAKES: The Top Ten Internet Clichés
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  15. Kelli Makes a Selfie
  16. MESSY MISTAKES: My Spiritual High Is Higher than Yours
  17. MESSY MISTAKES: #YOLO? Well, #YODO too, buddy.
  18. MESSY MISTAKES: Why I Hate Going to the Doctor
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  20. 10 SECONDS EARLIER: Why I Hate Going to the Doctor
  21. Are You Serious? TRY AGAIN
  22. MESSY MISTAKES: The Opposite of Love
  23. ALTERNATE ENDINGS: The Opposite of Love
  24. Jordan's Viral Video!!!!!
  25. MEANWHILE...
  26. MESSY MISTAKES: Ten Ways to Get Ready for Church Camp
  27. Bloopers of Bloopers?
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  29. MESSY MISTAKES: Dating Jesus
  30. EXTENDED ENDING: Dating Jesus
  31. MESSY MISTAKES: Seven Things that Won't Be Cool in 20 Years
  32. Big Head Kid Sings!
  33. MESSY MISTAKES: Never Think Outside the Box
  34. DELETED SCENE: Never Think Outside the Box
  35. What It's Like When You Haven't Seen a New Movie Yet
  36. Rejected Auditions
  37. Puppet Show
  38. MESSY MISTAKES: Puppet Show
  39. Our Sister Amy
  40. MESSY MISTAKES: Our Sister Amy

Deleted Videos[]

  1. Production Number 5
  2. Production Number 9
  3. Bloopers 1
  4. Production Number 16
  5. Production Number 22
  6. Production Number 24
  7. Production Number 30
  8. Production Number 37
  9. The Audition
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  14. 05-20-2012 MM Episode

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