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Dear Future Josh was a podcast where Josh Taylor said things he wanted his future self to remember.


  1. Let's Introduce Ourselves
  2. My Five Goals for 2015
  3. Four Reasons Your First Try Won't Be Good Enough, and Three Reasons That's Okay
  4. Why You Have Your Best Ideas in the Shower
  5. Five Lessons I Learned by Marrying an Introvert
  6. How I Deal with Negative Comments
  7. The Best (and Most Affordable) Microphones for Content Creators
  8. How I Beat Writer's Block (Five Proven Methods)
  9. Seven Things You Need to Know Before Starting a YouTube Channel
  10. My Lifelong Struggle with Worry
  11. Six Essential Board Games that Everyone Should Try at Least Once
  12. Why You Should Always Have a Passion Project
  13. How I Finally Convinced Myself to Go to Sleep before Midnight
  14. Why I No Longer Care about Building a “Fan Base”
  15. Five Tips for Creating a Community around Your Content
  16. Three Simple Questions that Will Help You Identify Your Passion
  17. You Have Permission to Take a Day Off (It’s Good for You)
  18. Let's Talk about You, the Listener
  19. Five Unexpected Things that Happen to You in Your Mid-Twenties
  20. Grading My Projects (Mid-Year Report)
  21. A Conversation about Consistency
  22. I Never Feel Like I'm Doing Enough
  23. How to Make To-Do Lists (That You Will Actually Finish)
  24. My Trip to California!
  25. My Five Goals for 2015 (Progress Report)
  26. Why I Had to Stop Looking at My Analytics (For My Own Mental Health)
  27. Five Common Questions about Starting a Blog (It's Easier than You Think!)
  28. How I Learned to Appreciate the Crappy Stuff I Used to Make
  29. Juggling Creative Projects
  30. The Importance of Setting Deadlines
  31. Five Things You Need to Know before Starting a Podcast
  32. The Secret to Landing (And Keeping) Contract Jobs
  33. When Do You Let Go of an Idea? (Q&A)
  34. My Trip to Disney World!
  35. How to Start a Podcast (Step by Step)
  36. Do What Scares You the Most
  37. I Have a Weight Problem.
  38. Creative Exhaustion, and Other Things I Don't Like Talking About
  39. The Best Time to Get Started Is Right Now
  40. A "Brother Brother Time" Debrief
  41. What I Have Left to Accomplish in 2015
  42. Three Things I'm Proud of (& Three Things I'm Not Proud of) in 2015
  43. My Twelve Favorite Things about 2015
  44. My Goals for 2015 (Report Card)
  45. The Most Important Lesson I Learned in 2015
  46. Taking Charge of My Health in 2016
  47. Every Movie I Saw in 2015 Ranked
  48. My Six Goals for 2016
  49. The Embarrassing Songs I Wrote as a Teenager
  50. Why I'm Not Always Consistent
  51. Five Ways to Beat Writer's Block
  52. Getting Ready for Disney World!
  53. Everything We Did at Disney World!
  54. I Want to Start a New Show (But I'm Scared I Won't Stick with It)
  55. Why I Still Love Making Messy Mondays (and Why I Hate Facebook More than Ever)
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