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Jordan's Messyges was created by Jordan and Josh Taylor in June 2006. Similar to Messy Mondays, Messyges began as a show where Jordan answered questions, but quickly became a show where Jordan simply offers his profound wisdom to the world. After Messy Mondays shifted gears away from answering viewer questions, Messyges was started back up again as an advice show.


Original Series (2006-2010)[]

Josh has mentioned on several occasions that several original episodes of Messyges have been deleted for various reasons. Thus, this is merely a list of all known episodes.

  1. Toes, Girlfriends, Bands
  2. Dumbbells and Chick Flicks
  3. Florida and Fear
  4. Jordan's Hair
  5. Live Life, or Leave
  6. Stay in Touch with Your Relatives
  7. Don't Be a Typical Teenager
  8. Don't Mess with God's Chosen
  9. Take Advantage of Text Messyging
  10. Listen to God's Chosen
  11. Celebrate Jesus Day
  12. Don't Name Your Band Something Dumpy
  13. Doesn't Make Videos in the Summer
  14. Don't Be an Indie Elitist
  15. Get to Know God
  16. Quit While You're Ahead
  17. Keep Your Promises

Post-Messy Mondays (2012-present)[]

  1. Recycling Terrible Ideas
  2. Thinking about the Future
  3. Cheating on Three Girlfriends
  4. Questions That Are Not About Relationships
  5. New Host?!
  6. Kelli's Birthday
  7. Tour Favorite
  8. Teen Girl Troubled With Boy Problems
  9. Better Person vs. Scientist
  10. Hope for Humanity
  11. I Love My Brother.
  12. Disney Princesses & Embarrassing Moments
  13. Ring by Spring?
  14. My Top 5 Favorite Bands
  15. The Double Whammy!
  16. Shy Guys vs. Not Interested
  17. My Favorite Movie
  18. Farmer's Tan Insecurities
  20. Responding to the Haters!!!
  21. Cheaters- Homeschool Edition!
  22. Go Talk to the Principal
  23. None of Your Friends Have a Clue
  24. Coca-Cola "Controversy"!
  25. I Like "Like Like" My Best Friend's Twin Brother
  26. I'm Sorry I Never Answer Your Questions
  27. The Worst Advice Ever
  28. Big Head Kid
  29. What Does ;( Mean?
  30. Debating Cheese & Sleep Deprivation
  31. A New Expletive
  32. Madly in Like with Someone I've Never Met
  33. A Very Disturbing Story about a Turtle
  34. How Do I Hug a Boy?
  35. I Have a Crush on My Best Friend's Older Brother
  36. My Favorite Youtuber
  37. I Want My Ex-Girlfriend Back
  38. The Scariest Thing I've Ever Done
  39. #ThankGodForMessyges
  40. My Biggest Pet Peeve
  41. I Actually Answer the Questions
  42. Prank Calling Kelli
  43. The Funniest Episode Ever
  44. Am I Going to Become a Farmer?!
  45. Why Are Guys Mean to Girls They Like?!
  46. Sending a Boy Mixed Signals
  47. Have I Ever Told a Girl I Like Her?
  48. How Do You Tell a Girl You Like Her without Looking Stupid?
  49. Three Things You Need For a Good Relationship
  50. My Ex-Boyfriend Is Proposing to Someone Else
  51. Why Don't Guys Like Me?
  52. Sadie Hawkins Dance Advice
  53. I'm Taller than the Guy I Like
  54. When Should I Start Telling People that I Have a Boyfriend?
  55. My Sister & Her Boyfriend Show Too Much PDA
  56. Unfollowing Someone on Instagram
  57. I Like My Sister's Boyfriend's Brother
  58. My Ex-Boyfriend is Ignoring Me
  59. I'm a Homeschooler in Love with a Public Schooler
  60. My Best Friend's Crush Likes Me
  61. Asking a Girl to Hang Out without it Looking Like Date
  62. Are You a Doctor Who Fan?
  63. My Friend Told My Crush that I Like Him
  64. Is He Hinting that He Likes Me?
  65. I Haven't Had My First Kiss
  66. My Best Friend's Boyfriend HATES ME
  67. Girl Bullies Boy? CALL THE COPS!
  68. I Have a Crush on My Older Sister's Friend
  69. Awkward Situation with Brother's Girlfriend
  70. I Have a Crush on 15 Girls from CHURCH CAMP
  71. A Girl is Saying Nasty Things About Me to My Crush
  72. My Introverted Crush Won't Talk to Me
  73. I ACCIDENTALLY Told a Boy I Don't Like That I Like Him
  74. Held My Hand...Then FRIEND ZONED ME?
  75. Breaks Up With Girlfriend...IMMEDIATELY SNAPCHATS ME?
  76. JUST met. crushing HARD. Should I add him on Facebook?
  77. The Most SERIOUS Messyge I've Ever Received
  78. My STUPID SISTER Sabatoged Me...
  79. My Youth Leader Has a Crush on Me!!
  80. sooo…I don't ACTUALLY like my bf, BUT…
  81. If I answer wrong, he becomes an atheist...
  82. Grandma stole my password & blocked ALL HOMESCHOOLERS
  83. My BFF's boyfriend professed his love… FOR ME
  84. I made a FAKE ONLINE IDENTITY so she'd like me… should I tell?
  85. I'm 15 and in love with a GROWN MAN...
  86. I'm a NEW ATHEIST. Will my parents still love me?
  87. My family found out about the bad stuff I do online...
  88. I’m kissing MY COUSIN and don’t know how to tell my parents…
  89. I ACCIDENTALLY kissed my friend’s boyfriend in the dark…
  90. The most inappropriate Messyges of all time?…
  91. I cheated on my boyfriend in a VR chatroom…
  92. MY MOM wants me to be MORE PHYSICAL with my boyfriend…
  93. My boyfriend doesn't know I already booked our wedding...
  94. My 90yr old GRANDMA is forcing me to watch DIRTY TV...
  95. I posted the HOTTEST Instagram pic, then my brother did this...
  96. I didn't know my dad was married…for 2 months
  97. We had no physical contact before marriage…
  98. My Husband’s Best Friend is in love with me... (for real)
  99. My youth pastor is too physical with me… help.
  100. He asked me to take a FERTILITY TEST… on the 2nd date
  101. My friend FAKED being drunk... I showed HER MOM the texts
  102. My EX obsessively calls in the night wanting me to...
  103. I used GPS to spy on my Best Friend. She's with my EX…
  104. I said "I love you"… TOO SOON
  105. MY husband keeps texting HIS EX's family...
  106. I need closure with my ex...problem is: I'M MARRIED
  107. I physically attacked my crush… can this still work?
  108. I learned what my friends REALLY do... while at chick-fil-a
  109. Worried I did too much with a girl… am i still a good guy?
  110. I'm 21 and kind of dating a 15 year old… i love her
  111. My dad HATES my girlfriend because he caught us…


Episodes 18-22 (June 2012-August 2012)

Released every other Friday.

Episodes 23-30 (February 2013-April 2013)

Released every Friday.

Episodes 31-36 (Summer 2013)

Released every Friday as part of the Summer of Blimey Cow.

Episodes 37-43 (October 2013-April 2014)

Released the first Friday of every month.

Episodes 44-83 (May 2014-January 2015)

The longest running schedule, released every Friday. The final episode of this series launched the new show #AskJordan.

Episodes 84-87 (June 2015-December 2015)

After #AskJordan moved to Jordan's personal channel, Messyges started up again, releasing the first Friday of every other month.

Episodes 88-100+ (January 2016-present)

Released sporadically on Fridays.

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