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Jordan has an online girlfriend, which means Josh has a problem.

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One day, Josh discovers an online dating profile that his brother, Jordan, has set up. He attempts to inform Jordan on the dangers of online dating, claiming that Jordan will get murdered because of "online predators".

His real reason for protesting this online profile is that he doesn't want Jordan to fall in love; Josh was in love once and it was "terrible". However, Jordan will not be convinced and eventually finds a match.

A week later, Josh once again confronts him about his online girlfriend, nicknamed Angel. Jordan tells him that their relationship isn't really that serious, but later admits that it is serious. She likes apple cider vinegar, As Cities Burn, and cycling - all of the things that Jordan likes.

Josh believes that this is all too coincidental and thinks that Jordan is being catfished. He tells Jordan that he's in for a rude awakening if they ever meet in person.

Jordan gets a phone call and pushes past Josh out of the room. Jordan admits that he has, in fact, fallen in love with Angel. She has already confessed her love to him, and he plans on doing the same when they meet in person.

The next day, Jordan tries to sneak out to meet Angel, but Josh confronts him. He accuses Jordan of putting this girl between their friendship. Jordan brushes him off and heads out to meet his girlfriend.

Jordan sits nervously in the park, waiting for her arrival when Josh jogs over to him. Jordan tells his brother to leave before his girlfriend comes, but Josh insists that she's already here. He reveals that he set up the online profile and tricked Jordan in order to show Jordan just how much he loved him.

The episode ends with an angry and hurt Jordan, storming off and leaving Josh alone in the park.

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