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Josh tries desperately to figure out what Jordan's unspoken prayer request is.

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After church one day, Josh asks Jordan what his unspoken prayer request was. Jordan doesn't tell him because it is, by definition, supposed to be unspoken. However, Josh persists and Jordan decides to make something up.

He tells Josh that he was abducted by aliens. Josh is not convinced - after all, the two of them were playing Donkey Kong during the whole time the abduction took place.

Jordan then tells his brother that he's into a lot of dangerous drugs, but Josh is still not convinced. He decides to go through Jordan's diary to find out what's really going on.

However, just as he's about to read the first diary entry, Jordan rushes in and snatches it away. He says that he's very disappointed in Josh's invasion of privacy. A few minutes later, Josh apologizes to Jordan and says that he hopes his prayer request is answered.

The episode ends with Jordan saying to himself that his prayer request was just answered.

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