Messy Mondays is Blimey Cow's longest consistently running show, with over 250 episodes and counting. A new episode releases every Monday, and has released nearly every Monday since August 29, 2011.

Exceptions Edit

There have been a few Mondays since 2011 when Blimey Cow released a video that wasn't part of Messy Mondays.

  1. December 22, 2014 (The Christmas Feeling was released),
  2. May 29, 2017 (Jordan and Sara's Wedding was released)
  3. August 13, 2018 (We never dreamed it would get this big... (Blimey Con 2018) was released instead).
  4. September 3, 2018 (Why We Never Deleted Our Old Videos) was released instead)

Episodes Edit

  1. New School Year
  2. Who Would Jesus Date?
  3. Lions and Zombies and Girls, Oh My!
  4. Facebook Changes Things!
  5. Stupid Cheater People
  6. Things I Wish I Could Forget
  7. What They Don't Teach You in College
  9. Why I Hate Going to the Movies
  10. The Three Types of Churches
  11. The Truth About Youth Group
  12. The One About Missions Trips
  13. Ten Ways to Get Girls to Like You
  14. Stupid Stuff People Do on the Internet
  15. Did You Get Everything You Wanted?
  16. "Like" vs. "Love"
  17. Proof That Jesus Loves Tim Tebow!
  18. Seven Lies About Homeschoolers
  19. Ten Ways to Get the Right Guy to Like You
  20. My Smart Phone Made Me Stupid
  21. Why "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 3D" Is a Bad Idea (Bonus Wednesday Episode)
  22. "Want" vs. "Need"
  23. I Love/Hate Valentine's Day (Bonus Thursday Episode)
  24. The One about Sex
  25. The TV Tells Me How to Vote
  26. How to Be "More Than Friends" (In Four Easy Steps)
  27. How to Be "Just Friends" (In Five Easy Steps)
  28. The Problem with Christian Bands
  29. You Are Not an Activist
  30. Books vs. Movies
  31. You Might Be a Homeschooler If...
  32. Seven Tips for Successful Dating
  33. "Making Time" for God
  34. Oh No, I'm Single! I'm Going to Die!
  35. Stupid Drivers
  36. The Top Ten Internet Clichés
  37. My Spiritual High Is Higher than Yours
  38. #YOLO? Well, #YODO too, buddy.
  39. Why I Hate Going to the Doctor
  40. The Opposite of Love
  41. Ten Ways to Get Ready for Church Camp
  42. Dating Jesus
  44. Seven Things that Won't Be Cool in 20 Years
  45. Never Think Outside the Box
  46. Christians Never Mess Up, Ever.
  47. You Might Be a Homeschooler If... 2
  48. Stupid Internet Debates
  49. Seven Problems with Modern Music
  50. Death to Bored!
  51. Playing the God Card
  52. Five Reasons College Might Be a Waste of Your Time
  53. Thank You. (Special 1-Year Anniversary Episode)
  54. Laughing at a Hilarious Joke (You)
  55. Mindless Consumers
  56. Five Ways to Support Your Local Chivalry
  57. What Life Was Like Before the Internet
  58. Everyone Else Is as Stupid as You
  59. 25 Things You Say When You Don't Know What to Say
  60. The One About "Bad Words"
  61. 20 Words That Are Misused & Abused
  62. Dear Disney, Please Don't Ruin Star Wars. (Bonus Wednesday Episode)
  63. I Pledge Blind Allegiance
  64. How to Make the Perfect Christmas List
  66. Jordan's Declassified Finals Survival Guide
  67. Spelling Tips for the Internet
  68. How Do You Know If You're in Love?
  69. I Want 100% Likability, Please.
  70. Four People I Feel Sorry for During Christmas
  71. MORE Spelling Tips for the Internet
  72. 15 Ways Movies Think You Are Stupid
  73. I'm Doing It Wrong.
  74. You Might Be a Homeschooler If... 3
  75. 35 Activities that Don't Involve Staring at a Screen
  76. How to Write a Worship Song (In 5 Minutes or Less)
  77. Attack of the "Friend Zone"
  78. PDA - Public Displays for Attention
  79. Ten Tips for a Happy Marriage
  80. This is MY Show.
  81. The TV Tells Me How to Feel
  82. How Physical is Too Physical?
  83. The Top 15 Christian Clichés
  84. I'm Offended by "Being Offended"
  85. Ten Ways Your Relationship Is Annoying Your Friends
  86. Ten Things You Should Never Say to a Girl
  87. Seven Reasons I'm Afraid to Go Outside
  88. Why I Hate Going to Graduations
  89. Ten Things You Should Never Say to a Guy
  90. The Homeschooler's Guide to College
  91. How to Tell Someone You Are NOT Interested
  92. I Like You In Real Life (But Not on the Internet)
  93. Seven Lies You Believe About Yourself
  94. What Jesus Should Have Said, Instead.
  95. Why I Hate Being the Third Wheel
  96. Seven Things Everybody Needs to Be Told
  97. The Pursuit of Happiness (Is a Lie)
  98. Five Reasons I Don't Care About Poor People
  99. Five Reasons I Hate Blimey Cow (Special 100th Episode)
  100. Seven Ways to Make a Girl's Day
  101. Seven Ways to Make a Guy's Day
  102. Ten Things I Love More than God
  103. Five Tips for Starting a Youtube Channel (Special 2-Year Anniversary Episode)
  104. Ten Stupid Things People Actually Do
  105. How to Be a Gentleman
  106. An Open Letter to Bullies
  107. (Tough) Love Your Enemies
  108. All I Want Out of Life Is More
  109. Seven Ways to Turn Your Day Around
  110. Five Problems with Modern Video Games
  111. How to Talk Like a Christian
  112. Five Ways I Waste My Life
  113. Let's Talk About Youtube Comments.
  114. Making Mistakes Makes You An Idiot
  115. If I Don't Post about It Online, Did It Really Happen?
  116. Why I Hate Watching the News
  117. Seven More Lies About Homeschoolers
  118. When Should You Start Dating?
  119. Five Things I Really Need to Stop Doing
  120. I Don't Want Anything for Christmas
  121. I'm a Failure Because I'm Afraid of Failing Because I'm a Failure Because I'm Afraid of Failing...
  122. The One About Big Head Kid
  123. I Don't Deserve to Be Happy.
  124. Ten Annoying Things Parents Do on Facebook
  125. Why I Hate Going to the Dentist
  126. Love the Sin, Hate the Sinner
  127. Seven Ways to Beat Writer's Block
  128. Seven Lies That Hollywood Told Me
  129. Five Great Reasons to Be Single
  130. Why Do I Care What People Think about Me?
  131. Five Truths Everyone Needs to Hear
  132. Ten Things I Hate about Link Bait (You Won't Believe #3!)
  133. Eight Awkward Situations (and How to Deal with Them)
  134. Ten Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Posting Something Online
  135. I Hate Judgmental People.
  136. How Not to Be a Terrible Person When You Go Out to Eat
  137. Why Do We Have Knee-Jerk Reactions?
  138. How to Tell If a Guy Likes You
  139. How to Tell If a Girl Likes You
  140. Four Myths that Students Believe about College
  141. Seven Reasons Why Being a Teenager Is the Worst
  142. In (Everything But) God We Trust
  143. Five Questions to Ask Yourself Every Day
  144. Seven Annoying Things Your Friends Do
  145. Five Things Guys Need to Stop Doing to Girls
  146. The Violent Reaction to Violence
  147. Seven Things Being a YouTuber Has Taught Me (Special 150th Episode)
  148. Don't Think for Yourself, Ever.
  149. You Might Be a Homeschooler If... 4
  150. Everyone Is Entitled to My Opinion
  151. The Ten Most Awkward Hugs
  152. The Top 15 Youth Group Clichés
  153. How to Get a Girlfriend
  154. How to Get a Boyfriend
  155. Six Awkward Situations for Shy People
  156. The World Is Messed Up (And I'm Freaking Out)
  157. Seven Things That Happen When Something Goes Viral (Special 3-Year Anniversary Episode)
  158. Why I Hate Hashtag Activism
  159. The Ten Commandments of Social Media
  160. Four Reasons Worry Is My Best Friend
  161. Six Things Hollywood Gets Wrong about Real Life
  162. You Might Be a Homeschooler If... 5
  163. The Fandom Menace (Or: Why I Hate Fandoms)
  164. How to Not Creep Out Girls
  165. Why I'll Never Be Happy
  166. Four Relationship Clichés (That Are Just Wrong)
  167. Putting the Word "Christian" in Front of Something Doesn't Make It Christian
  168. Ten Kids You Meet at Every Youth Group
  169. Why I (Kind of) Hate Black Friday
  170. How to Be Thankful (In Just One Easy Step)
  171. Five Ways to Shut Down a Healthy Debate
  172. How to Be God's Favorite
  173. Facebook Video vs YouTube: Which Is Better?
  174. Five Things Girls Should Stop Doing to Guys
  175. Fifteen Stupid Reasons to Break Up
  176. Seven Signs that You Should Probably Break Up
  177. The Five Stages of Hating Your Job
  178. Five Problems with the Video Game Industry
  179. Why You Should Never Try New Things
  180. Four Things Introverts Think (But Never Say)
  181. Three Things We're All Sick of Hearing About (February 2015)
  182. Five Tips for Healthy Dating
  183. I Don't Want to Be Famous
  184. How to Talk on the Phone (Without Sounding Like an Idiot)
  185. Seven Things I Wish I Knew When I Was a Teenager
  186. How to Fix All of Your Problems, Guaranteed!
  187. Should Guys Open Doors for Girls?
  188. The 24 Hour Internet Outrage Cycle
  189. Seven Annoying Phrases That Have NO Meaning
  190. Stop Saying "There Should Be a Law"
  191. 25 Signs You Listened to Christian Music Growing Up
  192. Why I Like Twitter Better than Facebook
  193. The Shy Person's Guide to Talking to New People
  194. How to Compliment Girls without Sounding Creepy
  195. How to Compliment a Guy without Sounding Flirty (Bonus Wednesday Episode)
  196. How to Get Millennials Back in Church
  197. The Ten Types of Homeschoolers
  198. The Truth about Church Camp
  199. How to Tell People about Jesus
  200. How to Make Something Go Viral (Special 200th Episode)
  201. Seven Things You Might Not Know about Blimey Cow
  202. I Don't Want to Love My Neighbor
  203. Five Awkward Things in the Bible
  204. Why Do Christians Freak Out About Everything?
  205. Ten Questions Retail Workers Get Tired of Hearing
  206. How to Tell If a YouTuber is SELLING OUT!
  207. Should People Label Themselves?
  208. The World Doesn't Exist to Not Offend You
  209. How to Get Out of a Boring Conversation
  210. Don't Bring God into This!
  211. How to Get Out of the Friend Zone
  212. What Is the WORST Bad Word?
  213. Awkward Christian Phrases
  214. Why I Hate Going to the Eye Doctor
  215. If You Want to Support a Cause, Actually DO Something.
  216. The Pros and Cons of Fall
  217. How to Get Your Youth Group Crush to Like You
  218. The Ten Most Passive Aggressive Phrases
  219. Ten Ways to Be a Terrible Boyfriend
  220. Seven Annoying People You See at the Movies
  221. What Jesus Was Like as a Teenager
  222. Happy Guiltsgiving: Feel Guilty for Your Blessings!
  223. Let's Take the "Christ" Out of "Christian!"
  224. Seven Annoying Questions Homeschoolers Get Asked
  225. When People Ask Why You're Single (Bonus Wednesday Episode)
  226. Saying "Happy Holidays" Is a Micro-Persecution
  227. We Were Wrong about Christmas (An Apology from Blimey Cow)
  228. Don't Forget to Enjoy Your Life
  229. I'll Just Leave This Here... (& Other Dumb Things People Say Online)
  230. Let Me Tell You How to Think (for Yourself)
  231. Six Signs You Need New Friends
  232. Seven Ways to Show Girls Respect
  233. The Top Ten Movie Clichés
  234. Five Words that Describe People Who Disagree with Me
  235. The Top 30 Christian Pick-Up Lines
  236. Christian Dating Secrets REVEALED!
  237. Why Our Phones Disconnect Us
  238. How to Avoid Politics on Facebook
  239. How to Get Right with God
  240. You Might Be a Homeschooler If... 6
  241. Our Lord and Savior, The President
  242. How to Become Friends with a Girl
  243. I'm Proud to Pay My Taxes!
  244. Never Question Your Beliefs!
  245. Five Things to Avoid During Finals
  246. The Top 30 Signs You Were a Christian Kid
  247. Hey Adults, Who Raised All These Entitled Millennials?
  248. How to Become Friends with a Guy
  249. The Ten Types of Youth Pastors
  250. An Apology to Our Audience (Special 250th Episode)
  251. Annoying Questions Graduates Get Asked
  252. How to Decide Who to Vote For
  253. The Homeschooler's Guide to Dating
  254. Horrible Ways to Tell People about Jesus
  255. Why You Can't Have Free Things
  256. How to Be a REAL Man!
  257. Comments You See in EVERY YouTube Comment Section
  258. Our Brains Weren't Designed for This Much Bad News
  259. The Problem with Celebrity Worship
  260. The Twelve Types of Homeschool Moms
  262. Why We Can't Talk About Religion & Politics
  263. How to Get Popular on YouTube (Special 5-Year Anniversary Episode)
  264. Five Things Introverts Are Secretly Paranoid About
  265. Why Your Crush Doesn't Like You
  266. How to Look Like a PERFECT Christian!
  267. You Might Be a Homeschooler If... 7 (Bonus Thursday Episode)
  268. I'm Triggered by People Disagreeing with Me
  269. The Most Annoying Thing People Do on Social Media
  271. Seven Things You Should NOT Do at Youth Group
  272. How to Get to Know Your Crush (Without Being Awkward)
  273. 25 More Christian Pick-Up Lines
  274. I've Never Been More Scared in My Life...
  275. I'm Not a Nice Person...
  276. Seven Things You Should NEVER Say to Your Girlfriend
  277. Seven Things You Should NEVER Say to Your Boyfriend (Bonus Thursday Episode)
  278. You Might Be a Homeschooler If... 8
  279. Five Terrible Ways to Break Up
  280. How to Deal with Annoying Family During the Holidays
  281. I Hate You, 2016.
  282. Extroverts Are People, Too.
  283. I Need a Change...
  284. When Your First Date Goes Horribly Wrong
  285. I Don't Know What to Believe Anymore...
  287. How to Survive a Breakup
  288. Five Easy Ways to Make Someone's Day
  289. It's Okay to Be Single
  290. The Media Are Liars (In Defense of PewDiePie)
  291. Three Things You Can Do TODAY to Stop Laziness
  292. How to Propose to Your Girlfriend
  294. When Good Christian Kids Go BAD!
  295. Homeschool vs. "Regular School"
  296. I'm Suddenly Terrified of Government Power!
  297. Is YouTube Censoring Us?
  298. The One that Offends Social Justice Warriors AND Christians
  299. Why Social Media Is So Depressing Right Now
  300. Why we make this show. (Special 300th Episode)
  301. You Might Be a Homeschooler If... 9
  302. Five Confusing Things Girls Do (EXPLAINED)
  304. When Two of Your Friends Start Dating
  305. Five Confusing Things Guys Do (EXPLAINED)
  306. The Introvert's Guide to Dating
  307. How to Not Scare Away Your Crush (on Social Media)
  308. Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Die
  309. What We Learned from the Roller Coaster Incident
  310. Why Your Future Kids Will Not Respect You
  311. Seven Annoying Questions Homeschool Moms Get Asked
  312. People Who Say "Why Can't We All Just Get Along?" Are Annoying
  313. The Secret to a Happy Life
  314. "In Like" vs. "In Love"
  315. No, you are not "adulting."
  316. The Sad Truth about School
  317. Please watch this video. (Special 6-Year Anniversary Episode)
  318. Seven Types of TERRIBLE BOSSES (Bonus Friday Episode)
  319. The Story of the Christian Girl
  320. Why is "Right vs. Wrong" so confusing sometimes?
  321. All My Friends Are Getting Married... Except Me
  322. How to Get a Job (100% Guaranteed)
  323. In Defense of "Thoughts & Prayers"
  325. When Homeschoolers Grow Up
  326. You Are What You Hate
  327. How to Write a Country Song (In 5 Minutes or Less)
  328. Only watch if you are a true fan.
  329. Politics Killed the Holidays
  330. Christmas Romance: Four Things You Should NOT Do
  331. The Top 5 Christian Clichés (CHRISTMAS EDITION)
  332. Why We Don't Swear in Our Videos
  333. How to Talk to People You Disagree With
  334. SPOILER WARNING: Don't Be "That Guy"
  335. Why You Fail at Your Goals
  336. The bravest video we have ever made.
  337. Seven Awkward Situations for Introverts
  338. The Problem with "Internet Friends"
  339. How to Respect Women (in 2018)
  340. How to Be Great at Small Talk
  341. Watch this if you want tomorrow to be better.
  342. You can't stop bad things from happening.
  343. Stop Asking Other People to Fix Your Problems
  344. The Truth vs. "My Truth"
  345. ONLY Homeschoolers Will Understand These Words & Phrases
  346. Five Ways to Make Yourself More Attractive
  347. Things People Say to Sound Smart (When They Aren't)
  348. The Top 8 Reasons Facebook Is Terrible
  349. Dating Is Awkward When You Are Homeschooled
  350. Seven Ways Hollywood Is Painfully Out of Touch
  351. Liberal Christianity vs. Conservative Christianity
  352. How to Be the EDGIEST Kid You Know
  353. I'm afraid you will be disappointed in me.
  354. How to Tell If the Girl You Like Doesn't Like You Back
  355. What Would Jesus Do (in 2018)?!
  356. "Why not just guarantee everyone a job?"
  357. Your unpopular opinion doesn't make you special 🙃
  358. You Might NOT Be a Homeschooler If...
  359. The Ten Most Annoying People on Twitter
  360. Seven ANNOYING Things YouTubers Do in Their Videos
  361. The ANGRIEST video we have ever made.
  362. ONLY Sheltered Kids Will Understand...
  363. How to Get an Introvert to Fall in Love with You
  364. Seven "Friends" You Should Break Up With
  365. Didn't we already know Hollywood was terrible?
  366. Six Things that Are NOT as Edgy as You Think
  367. Five People Who Should Be BANNED from the Internet
  368. How SHELTERED Were You?! (Take Our Quiz!)
  369. How to Respond to Homeschool HATERS
  370. Making friends is hard when you're an adult
  371. Things Former Homeschoolers Say
  372. The Secret Reason We're Addicted to Social Media
  374. Seven Things Happy People Do Every Day
  375. Stop begging me to vote, celebrities.
  376. How to Deal with a Needy Friend
  377. How to DESTROY Anyone in a Debate
  378. The Secret to Finding "THE ONE"
  379. The Truth about Entitled Millennials
  380. Seven Annoying People You Meet EVERY Christmas
  381. How to Get a $5 Blimey Cow Shirt!
  382. You Might Be a Homeschooler If... (2018)
  383. Why YouTube Doesn't Get It.
  384. Why New Year's Resolutions are actually BAD for you
  385. Why They Hate Memes.
  386. How to Ruin Your Chances at a Healthy Relationship
  387. 30 Things EVERY Nintendo Switch Owner Says...
  388. Where Do Bad People Go When They Die?

Deleted EpisodesEdit

  1. One Messy Minute
  2. The Life and Times of Freddy Butkis
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