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Seven years later, nothing has changed for Jordan and Josh.

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Seven years after the end of Season 1, Jordan and Josh are living in Alabama. Josh has recently graduated from Candelight College and is researching a cure for blindness. Jordan, on the other hand, is a struggling musician, trying to share his music with the world.

Jordan believes that things have changed between the brothers: they've been getting along really well since the move, and Jordan doesn't want to change that.

One day, Josh discovers a letter of foreclosure from the bank, stating that the brothers haven't paid their mortgage for several months. Jordan claims that their collective income from working at Walmart has been going toward food. However, it is quickly revealed that Jordan is saving the money to purchase a Cannondale Road Tandem Bike online. The bike, which costs $3299, is supposed to be a surprise for Josh, and a way for the two of them to make more "fun brother brother time memories".

Josh, however, still does not understand why they don't return to Nashville, as he's already graduated college. He sees the foreclosure letter as a sign that they should go back home. He attempts to call his sister Amy to see if they can move in with her, but she doesn't want to talk to him. Josh asks where she's living now, since they sold their house in Nashville. However, Jordan tells him that they didn't sell the house and she still lives there.

Once again, Josh attempts to convince Jordan that they should return to Nashville, but Jordan refuses to listen; he claims to have his reasons for not wanting to go back home. He storms out of the room to write down his emotions in the form of song. On the laptop Jordan left open on the table, Josh discovers the tandem bicycle that his brother has been saving up to buy. He suddenly realizes how important staying in Alabama is to Jordan.

As Jordan sits in his room, playing the guitar, Josh enters and tells him that he thinks they should stay in Alabama. He says that his change of heart is due to the fact that the research study would be hard to move to Nashville. However, it is revealed that the research study Josh works at is called "Studying Treatable Unhealthiness Pertaining to Eye Development", or S.T.U.P.I.D., as the acronym suggests.

The episode ends with Jordan reflecting on the last seven years and concluding that "nothing has changed".

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