The Inner Tube is a podcast about internet content creation by Blimey Cow co-creator Josh Taylor and Ceiling Fan Podcast & Say Goodnight Kevin creator Kevin McCreary.

Guest Hosts / Interviewees Edit

The Inner Circle Edit

The Inner Circle is a group of individuals who Josh and Kevin have chosen to recognize for their outstanding creativity and overall brilliance.


  • Adler Davidson
  • Chris Howard
  • Gabe Miller
  • Ryan Matlock
  • Thomas Dunn
  • Corban Garcia
  • Gret Glyer
  • Cecelia Bedelia
  • Melanie Anne Ahern
  • Houston Productions
  • Joe Repp / Team Whatever
  • Grace Teraberry

Episodes Edit

  1. Audio Editing Software on a Budget, and Web Hosting
  2. Online Privacy, Creating Quality Content, and Vlog Lighting
  3. Cameras and Microphones on a Budget, and Dealing with Money
  4. The Pros and Cons of Vlogging, Blogging, and Podcasting
  5. Self-Publishing Music, and How to Decide on a Blog Topic
  6. Bringing Your Platform to YouTube, Spreading Your Content, & Recording Over Skype
  7. Ripping Off Someone's Content, Backdrops, and Dealing with Criticism
  8. Offensive Content, How to Record Music, and Kickstarter Advice
  9. Video Editing Software Advice
  10. Podcamp 2014, Ideal Podcast Episode Length, & Our Favorite Content to Consume
  11. Finding Writing Inspiration, 24fps vs. 30 fps, & Dealing with Stress
  12. Blue Baby Bottle Test, Kevin is a Freelancer, & Mobile Apps for YOU
  13. A Conversation about Starting Out on YouTube
  14. Lightning Round of Questions!
  15. Publishers vs. Self-Publishing, Anonymous Blogging, & Torry Martin!
  16. All about Networking!
  17. Structuring Your YouTube Channel, the First 24 Hours of Your Video Launch, & Audio Advice for Video
  18. Kevin's YouTube Set Up
  19. Are Your YouTube Videos Funny? Are They Too Long? How Often Should You Upload?
  20. How to Run a Successful Kickstarter Campaign
  21. Getting Your Podcast on iTunes, Customizing YouTube Thumbnails, & Royalty Free Music
  22. YouTube Networks, Vidcon, & Bobby Burns
  23. Buying a Computer on a Budget, Alienating Your Audience, & Promoting Web Comics
  24. Video Monitors, Visual Effects, & Fixing Josh's Mistakes
  25. Microphone Positioning, Sweetening Audio, & After Effects
  26. Content without Compromise, Storing Large Files, Treating and Sound Proofing a Room on a Budget
  27. Is Our Logo Broken?! And the 48 Hour Film Challenge Winner!
  28. Should You Start a Second YouTube Channel? What Kind of Podcast Should You Start?
  29. Investing Time in Your Content, Using Copyrighted Music, Promoting an Independent Film
  30. Render Settings, The Importance of Feedback, Connecting with People Who Share your Interests
  31. Pros and Cons of Facebook Video, Connecting with Other YouTubers, Shooting Outside of a Studio
  32. Recording Audio Outdoors, Building a Fan Base from Scratch, Starting a Career in Audio
  33. Producing Different Kinds of Content, Video Intros, and the Return of Bobby Burns!
  34. Who Are Our Favorite YouTubers?
  35. Strategies for Writing Consistent Material, Video Backgrounds, and Compensating Composers
  36. The Genius of Christopher Nolan, CinemaSins, and Bobby Burns Hits 50K Subscribers!
  37. Increasing Your Audience Retention, Releasing Content Inconsistently, and When to Launch a Patreon Campaign
  38. What Have We Learned in 2014?
  39. Vine, Video Editing Productivity, Camera Settings
  40. Making Your Podcast Interesting, Podcasting Equipment, Freelance Work
  41. Merry Christmas from The Inner Tube!
  42. Animation Software, Subtitling Your Videos, Creating a Website
  43. Movie Review on YouTube, Telling an Effective Story, and Character Development
  44. Reminiscing about Kevin's College Days
  45. Organizing Your Thoughts, Recommended Content Platforms, Audio Settings for Video
  46. Custom YouTube URLs, Raw Footage, Best Mic for Voice Overs
  47. Splitting Up Longer Content, Audio Format Advantages, Moving Your Platform to a Different Social Network
  48. The Future of Pro Tools, the Death of Audacity, and How to Track Podcast Downloads on iTunes
  49. Creating Content (on Your Own), Recording Video and Audio Separately, & Purchasing Multiple Cheap Mics vs. One Expensive, Communal Mic
  50. Our First 50 Episodes!
  51. Should You Release Your Content Weekly, or in "Seasons"?
  52. Song Parodies, Recording over Skype, Tips for Voice Acting
  53. Starting a Collab YouTube Channel & Best Vlog Video File Practices
  54. Free Video Editing Software, Visual Effects Community, Using Copyrighted Material on YouTube
  55. Making Money on YouTube, Posting Audio on YouTube, Different Kinds of Mics for Video and Podcasting
  56. Mixing vs. Mastering, Vlog Lighting, Why Your Video Looks Grainy
  57. Eliminating Echo from Audio, The Importance of Having Your Podcast on iTunes, Free Editing Software for Creating Thumbnails
  58. What Is Phantom Power? Is College Necessary for Content Creators? Should You Run Two YouTube Channels at Once?
  59. Pro Tools 12, Music Video Equipment, & Kevin Started a New YouTube Channel!
  60. Niche Podcasts, Uploading Videos Once a Month, Our Thumbnail Revolution
  61. Micing Live Music, Compromising When Collaborating, Getting Great Audio When Live Streaming
  62. Is the YouTube Subscription Box Broken?
  63. Creating Animation without Animation Software
  64. Have We Been Wrong about YouTube This Whole Time?
  65. Can You Make Money on YouTube with 1,000 Subscribers?
  66. Should You Record Audio and Video Separately?
  67. Kevin Strikes Back and Adobe Creative Cloud (2015 Update)
  68. Josh Loves Premiere Pro, Kevin Loves the Sennheiser MKH 416
  69. Interview with the Editor of CinemaSins!
  70. An Episode Recorded on ONE Microphone! (Feat. Inner Circle Member Chris Howard!)
  71. Back to Our ROOOOOTS! (AKA: We Answer Your Questions!)
  72. Lavalier Mics, Recording XRL into Your Computer, YouTube Incorrectly Marking Comments as Spam
  73. Is the Shure SM58 a Good Podcasting Mic? Where Can You Learn the Basics of Audio Editing? (And more!)
  74. Jordan Taylor Makes His Inner Tube DEBUT!
  75. Capturing Video Game Footage, Green Screens, Engagement on Social Media
  76. How Do You Maximize Editing Efficiency? When Should You Take a Podcasting Hiatus? Should You Set Up an LLC?
  77. iPod Touch Video, Explaining YouTube to People Who Don't Get It, Affordable Cameras for Beginning Vloggers
  78. Equipment Shopping List, Vocal Rider vs. Compression, Running Out of Ideas
  79. Is Your Script Too Long? Is Your Vlog Too Long? How Do You Handle Your Online Presence?
  80. Speaking in Front of a Camera, Professional Quality from iMovie, Quantity vs. Quality
  81. Best Mic for Recording Piano & Best Mouse for Video Editing
  82. Consistent Branding, Engaging Your Audience, Tube Many Puns
  83. Wearing T-shirts with Trademarked Logos in Your Videos, Spreading Your Content, Editing Software for Windows
  84. Free Video Editing Software, the Best Mic Set Up for Three People, Using Snapchat to Build a Platform
  85. The Inner Tube Listener Survey Results, and Kevin's Hurt Feelings
  86. Josh and Kevin Get into a Huge Fight about Spotify
  87. How to Make a Remix Album
  88. How Radio Has Changed in the Last 15 Years (THE ACE MCKAY INTERVIEW)
  89. Changing Your Focus While Maintaining Your Audience & How to Deal with Creative Exhaustion
  90. YouTube Keeps Changing, Shooting with a Small Crew, Making Your Writing Stand Out
  91. Protecting Your Time, Patreon Fanbases, Affordable Mics for Shooting Skits
  92. Our "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Predictions
  93. What We Loved and Hated about "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" (Spoilers)
  94. Our PHONIEST Episode Ever! (Looking Back on 2015)
  95. Creatively Promoting a Second YouTube Channel, and Kevin Has TUBE Epiphanies!
  96. What Do You Need to Do to Start a Podcast?
  97. Why Your First Try Won't Be that Great
  98. The State of the CHRIIIIIISSSTTTIIIAAANNNN Film Industry
  99. Selling Cover Songs (without Getting Sued), Rallying People around Your Film Project, Recording Video in Your Car
  100. The Fine Bros Controversy REACTION
  101. White Backgrounds, Email Lists, Video Sound Effects
  102. Free Podcast Hosting, Making Your Brand Stand Out, Audio Interfaces
  103. Instagram Now Allows Multiple Accounts, iPod Touch Audio, Building a Personality Driven Brand
  104. Our Experience at the 2016 National Religious Broadcasters Convention
  105. Advice for Our Younger Selves, Music Licensing, Video Backdrops
  106. From 500 Subscribers to 100K in One Day
  107. What "Batman v. Superman" Teaches Us about Storytelling
  108. Pro Tools vs. Adobe Audition, Condenser vs. Dynamic Mics
  109. Informative vs. Fun Podcasts, Crowd Funding Rewards, & Physical Copies of Online Content
  110. Careers in Film Editing, Professional Email, Lapel vs. Shotgun Mics
  111. Balancing the Content You Want to Make vs. What Subscribers Want to See
  112. How to Relaunch a YouTube Channel
  113. Kevin's Movie Facts Dilemma
  114. Is YouTube Still a Viable Platform for Beginners?
  115. Our Thoughts on the DC TALK CRUISE
  116. What Do You Do When Your YouTube Views Are Down?
  117. Writing a Dramedy, Starting a YouTube Channel When You Have Limited Free Time, & Should You Upload Your Podcast to YouTube?
  118. The Ideal Channel Trailer, 8-Bit Music on Youtube, and Multi-Mic Podcasting on the Go!
  119. When Your Content Doesn't Meet Your Creative Standards
  120. It's Okay to Stop Doing Something that Isn't Working.
  121. Are You Selling Out By Trying to Make Money?
  122. I Have a $2,000 Budget. What Should I Buy?
  123. The One about Internships
  124. Talking about All of the Comic-Con Trailers!
  125. Building a Day One Audience
  126. Our Top Five Favorite TV Shows of All Time
  127. Video Outros - How Do You Do It?
  128. How to Be Persuasive with Your Content
  129. Should YouTubers Sue Other YouTubers?
  130. Budget Lighting Kits (& Some Webcomic Talk)
  131. Are YouTubers Being "Censored"?
  132. Kevin's Final Episode (as a Bachelor)
  133. "I Have 8,500 Subscribers, but I Want to Switch Gears"
  134. Our Thoughts on the First Presidential Debate (BONUS EPISODE)
  135. Good Luck Trying to Figure Out How Many People Listen to Your Podcast!
  136. Six Tips for Starting an Audio Drama
  137. How I Raised $150,000 to Build My Own App
  138. Bouncing Back When Your Crowdfunding Campaign Fails
  139. How Blimey Cow Got Involved with YouTube's #VoteIRL Campaign
  140. Mac or PC? Our answer might surprise you!
  141. My Videos Are Great. Why Am I Not Getting Any Views?
  142. Making Content You Love (Without Scaring Away Your Audience)
  143. The Top 3 Cameras & Microphones for Beginners
  144. Is YouTube Broken? Our Thoughts on the Latest "Controversy"
  145. Kevin Gets an Email from YouTube about the Controversy
  146. What We Loved & Hated about "Rogue One" (Spoilers)
  147. How to Make Your Content Stand Out
  148. Our Successes & Failures in 2016 (and Manspreading)
  149. "Am I just not cut out for content creation?"
  150. "Should I Work on Content that I Personally Disagree With?"
  151. "I don't have a quiet place to shoot my videos. What do I do?"
  152. How to Create Content Every Single Day for a Year
  153. Josh's Six Favorite Content Creators
  154. Are Social Networks CENSORING THE CONSERVATIVES?!
  155. PewDiePie vs The Media Smear Campaign
  156. "I'm shooting a wedding, and I'm scared of screwing it up!"
  157. "I'm dealing with bullies and don't want them to find out about my YouTube channel"
  158. "My videos are suddenly not getting as many views! What's wrong?!"
  159. "I don't think I'm funny enough to start a YouTube channel."
  160. Kevin addresses the controversy surrounding his latest video.
  161. YouTube vs. The Wall Street Journal
  162. The Case for "The Case for Christ" (or: Kevin actually liked a Christian Movie)
  163. Is it too late to start a YouTube channel?
  164. Inappropriate Ads Playing before Your Videos
  165. "How do I get my first sponsorship deal?"
  166. Why Kevin uses an intro on his videos, and Josh doesn't.
  167. A list of ALL the gear we use!
  168. Is YouTube making society dumber?
  169. Why do we make this show? A conversation about the future of The Inner Tube
  170. Wonder Woman | Worth the hype?! Here's our review! (Spoilers)
  171. Christian Bands vs. "Christians IN a Band"
  172. Where we go from here.
  173. Our Thoughts on the VidCon(troversy) & the "Han Solo" Film
  174. The Problem with Being Preachy
  175. Is "Spider-Man: Homecoming" as Good as "Spider-Man 2"?
  176. Is Blimey Cow Going in a New Direction?
  177. Kevin Got Fired (The Full Story)
  178. How to Talk about Controversial Topics
  179. How We Make Money on Patreon
  180. Recorded LIVE at Blimey Con!
  181. Secrets that Will Help You Stay Motivated to Create
  182. The Current State of Blimey Cow (A Conversation with Jordan Taylor)
  183. Apparently You DON'T Need to Make Consistent Content
  184. Has PewDiePie Finally Gone TOO FAR?!
  185. What is the point of The Inner Tube?
  186. How closely do we stick to our scripts while shooting?
  187. Is Kevin No Longer ADVERTISER FRIENDLY?!
  188. Josh Got a New Job!
  189. Kevin Asks YouTube Why He Isn't Advertiser Friendly, YouTube Responds
  190. Kevin Was Invited on the Set of "God's Not Dead 3" (Yes, we know)
  191. Kevin Shares Stories from the Set of "God's Not Dead 3" (Yes, this really happened)
  192. The Worst Christian Film Josh Has Ever Seen
  193. ...and Now Blimey Cow Isn't "Advertiser Friendly"
  194. The Star Wars Battlefront II Controversy
  195. YouTube Adpocalypse | Proof we were right.
  196. Patreon Changes Their Fees, Everybody Freaks out
  197. "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" (FULL REVIEW)
  198. The Basics of Podcasting (Plus, Bobby Burns is FAMOUS NOW!)
  199. A conversation about 2018. What do we hope to accomplish?
  200. EVERY Inner Tube Inside Joke... EXPLAINED!
  201. YouTube Demonetizes Small Creators | Our Thoughts
  202. Getting Rid of Echo, Starting a Second Podcast, and Bitcoin
  203. Yep, we had a fight.
  204. We met Jim Caviezel and it was weird.
  205. "My video went viral, but now I disagree with the content."
  206. Kevin has a secret to share...
  207. How to Write Jokes, How to Do YouTube While You're In College, & More!
  208. How Kevin Started Working for Blimey Cow (STORY TIME)
  209. Kevin goes off the deep end. (9/11 conspiracies, the moon landing, and more)
  210. Are your video titles and thumbnails any good? How can you know for sure?!
  211. Josh Liked "Avengers: Infinity War" and Kevin Didn't. (REVIEW)
  212. Why is no one pledging to your Patreon campaign?
  213. The email so shocking, it rendered Kevin speechless...
  214. We Review "Solo," "Arrested Development," & Kevin's Life Decisions
  215. "I Can Only Imagine" what would happen if Josh & Kevin reviewed that movie!
  216. How we found our voices on YouTube.
  217. Going back to our ROOOOOTS! What is the best gear for beginners?
  218. The Current State of Pixar; Mac vs PC?
  219. Kevin visits the set of the new Kendrick Brothers movie (and rethinks some things)
  220. How do I make a living doing what I love? (LIVE EPISODE FROM BLIMEY CON!)
  221. What it's like to host your own YouTube convention/meet-up
  222. Tube-Tube-Tube: Learning to Deal with Criticism, How to Get Sponsors, & the Best Computers for $1,000!
  223. What is the WORST Christian movie we've ever seen?
  224. Someone tried to RIP JOSH OFF at Redbox!
  225. "God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness": The Kevin & Josh Review!
  226. Being a Christian MEME superstar, with the founder of "Memes for Jesus": Michael Schaffer!
  227. Kevin talks about regretting things he said in older videos
  228. Our 21 Favorite Movies of All Time
  229. The BetterHelp Controversy, Shane Dawson, Jake Paul, & Sociopaths
  230. How can you become a faster editor?
  231. Testing our YouTube Premieres; PewDiePie vs T-Series
  232. "Help! My most popular video got BLOCKED!"
  233. Our biggest pet peeves in the movies we watch...
  234. Making your villain believable, building a PC, complaining about health care.
  235. Transitioning from Final Cut to Premiere Pro
  236. Patreon, YouTube Rewind, & Would Kevin Reach Out to Bigger Channels to Collab?
  237. Avoiding Preachiness in Storytelling; Looking Back on Our Radio Station Days
  238. Into the Spider-Verse, the Current State of the MCU, & Selling Shirts
  239. Josh is having a SON!
  240. Short-form vs. Long-form Content on YouTube
  241. When is the best time of day to upload a video?
  242. Trying new things with Blimey Cow & Say Goodnight Kevin in 2019
  243. Our Favorite Bands // Past, Present, & Future
  244. Trying to be humble, while promoting yourself & your content.
  245. Living the dream, while still paying the bills. (Plus: your live production questions answered!)
  246. Our friends don't watch our videos.
  247. How to avoid getting a copyright strike on YouTube
  248. Kevin meets famous people and then explains how to Audio
  249. Spotify ATTACKS Apple because they don't "Play Fair" | We rant about it.
  250. Kevin's YouTube Channel Turns 5 Years Old. What Has He Learned?
  251. How We Shoot a Scripted Series
  252. Initial Thoughts on "Star War Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker"
  253. Things you need for an awesome studio space.
  254. "Avengers: Endgame" | THE INNER TUBE REVIEW
  255. Reacting to the new Spider-Man Trailer; Kevin & Josh get vulnerable about their struggles
  256. How do you make friends? (Plus, Kevin almost lost his YouTube channel. Yes, really!)
  257. Why Josh's movie review channel didn't work out.
  258. How to stay creatively inspired for years (and years... and years)
  259. Josh has a son; Kevin has depression
  260. Toy Story 4 | What we liked and what we didn't.
  261. Spider-Man: Far From Home | What we liked and what we didn't.
  262. Consistent content vs. irregular BUT AWESOME content
  263. How to write emotional material without being cheesy
  264. Blimey Con & Breakfast with Kevin | THE DAY AFTER (Recorded Live!)
  265. Kevin Got a REAL Job

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