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Who Would Build The Roads? is a podcast where Josh Taylor and Kevin McCreary discuss peaceful solutions to society's problems.


  1. What Is "Government"?
  2. Without government, who would keep us safe?
  3. The Death Penalty & the Environment
  4. Is YouTube Censoring Creators? (Plus, your emails about the death penalty)
  5. Obamacare Isn't the Problem (or the Solution)
  6. Is it immoral to be rich?
  7. Is everything slavery's fault?
  8. Universal Basic Income | Could it actually work?
  9. No, You Shouldn't Be Scared of Robots Stealing Our Jobs
  10. Kathy Griffin, Julius Caesar, & the Limits of Free Speech
  11. Are there certain words you shouldn't be allowed to say?
  12. In Response to "I Don't Know How to Explain to You That You Should Care about Other People"
  13. Uber is illegal, so let's shut it down!
  14. Choosing "the Lesser of Two Evils"
  15. Understanding Net Neutrality
  16. The Ohio State Fair Accident
  17. The Free Market's Greatest Threat... Human Stupidity
  18. Charlottesville & White Supremacists
  19. But what about the children?!
  20. When Should Child Protective Services Step In?
  21. Rebutting Five Common Christian Arguments for Government
  22. The NFL, Digital Piracy, & Toll Roads
  23. Who Would (Innovate) the Roads?
  24. The Minimum Wage | Good Intentions & Bad Consequences
  25. Is the Internet a Public Utility?
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